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At Dhampur we strive to maintain a unique, inclusive and stable work environment. We believe in sharing our enthusiasm for success with all our employees and hold ourselves accountable to create and maintain the best possible working conditions for the same. Our efforts are also rewarded by the presence of second and even third generation employees at our units. We have continually invested in people, quality and innovation. This mantra of sustained value additions to people and product has empowered us to integrate all aspects of the company, and to build new pathways to a brighter future for the entire community at large.

Dhampur is sensitive to social and cultural differences and is committed to equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices. We promote active involvement from all our employees and encourage vertical mobility within the organization. Our policies are geared towards recruiting, motivating and retaining the best

Commitment to the organization and the group

Ability to actively contribute to their respective teams

To understand and work for our company objectives

To continuously strive for innovation

To show initiative in every aspect of their work

At Dhampur we deal with technical and management challenges on a daily basis. These challenges require our professionals to have a high level of knowledge and commitment. Therefore we ensure that both, those who have recently joined us as well as those who have worked with us for a long time, are given appropriate and timely training. We also consider training as fundamental for improving skills and providing professional career development for employees.

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