Company Profile


Dhampur Sugar Mills has been continuously striving to maximize the potential of sugarcane and this focused and continuous effort has resulted in Dhampur becoming one of India’s leading integrated sugarcane processing companies. Dhampur’s innovativeness and emphasis on continuous R&D have made the Company a technological leader in sugarcane processing and green energy solutions.

Dhampur’s pioneering efforts has resulted in the introduction of new technologies like Fibrizors, Pressure Feeders, Pressure Evaporation System with Falling Film Type Evaporator Bodies, Vertical Continuous Pans, 105 ata bagasse fired boiler etc. becoming the mainstay of Sugar technology in India.

Dhampur's sugarcane co-generation capacity is one of the largest in the country and it has perhaps the highest ethanol manufacturing capacity relative to it’s cane crushing capacity, in the country. It is also the first and the largest producer of refined sulphurless sugar in the country.

Dhampur owns and operates five integrated sugarcane crushing complexes and has a capacity:

To crush 45,500 metric tonnes of cane per day.

To refine 1,700 metric tonnes of sugar per day.

To generate 209 MWH of renewable power.

To export upto 125 MWH of renewable power to the grid.

To produce 300,000 liters of alcohol/fuel ethanol per day.

To produce 140 tonnes of ethyl acetate.

To produce 20 tonnes of Liquid carbon dioxide per day.

To produce 1000 liters of Liquid bio-fertilizers per month.

To produce 20,000 tonnes of bio-fertilizers per annum.