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About Us

The strategic location of our plants, in traditional cane-rich areas and in close proximity to one another, gives us a catchment and logistical advantage. This helps ensure smooth cane supply and ease of production. Two of our plants are equipped with capacities to produce 100% refined sugar, while the sugar mix at the third unit is guided by opportunities in the global market for exports and supply in domestic market.

Capacity Asmoli Plant (District Sambhal) Mansurpur Plant (District Muzaffanagar) Meerganj Plant (District Bareilly) Consolidated
Sugarcane Crushing (TCD) 9,000 8,000 5,000 22,000
Sugar Refinery (TPD) 1,100 900 _ 2,000
Raw Sugar (TPD) _ _ 800 800
Bio-Fuels & Spirits (LPD) on BH Molasses 312,500 _ _ 312,500
Renewable Energy (MW) 43.5 33 19 95.5