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Our belief in Diversity and Inclusivity impacts how we recruit, train, staff and develop our employees. Our manufacturing units comprise of large,

Diverse workforces that are complemented by able corporate teams.

We are committed to increasing participation of women in our employee pool, across all areas of operations. As an agribusiness, with penetration into rural areas, we believe that empowered, working women establish themselves as role models, and drive the holistic development of our communities. Our commitment to a diverse and equitable workforce is highlighted by the fact that our units employ female apprentices on the shop floor in core manufacturing areas. With dedicated initiatives to recruit, retain and train women, we have seen a 5x expansion in our female headcount since 2020.


Our leadership ranks comprise of a healthy mix of employees promoted from within, and those recruited externally. Such diverse experiences foster better ideas and implementation, creating a culture of excellence and acceptance.

Our training initiatives focus on developing women in leadership roles.