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We build motivated and productive teams through continuous upskilling and learning, creating a virtuous loop where employees continue to both sharpen and broaden their skills.

Our Learning Framework is built around 3 pillars – Acquire, Attempt & Apply.


Knowledge through structured sessions, observations and interactions


Skills by practicing and iterating under supervision


Learnings independently at the workplace

Guru-Shishya program

Our mentorship program ensures we have a rich pipeline of future leaders for mission critical roles. Employees skilled at a particular role guide identified individuals through a structured program to transfer knowledge and expertise. Through this experiential program, technical nuances are passed through the organization, exposing people to leadership responsibilities early in their careers.

Daksh Program

Daksh, an acronym for Developing Additional Knowledge and Skills for Holistic progress, is a unique program where experts at a particular skill share knowledge and skills with their peers at a similar seniority level. This sharing and ideation of best practices develops a “one team” culture among our senior leaders.

Leadership Awareness Series

Every fortnight, learning sessions are held to promote knowledge and awareness on a variety of topics related to our business. Topics vary from technical topics, changes to important laws and regulations, and management training, to name a few. Sessions are led by a combination of external industry experts, advisors and our own employees.