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Our Products

Bio Fuels

We produce Ethanol, using sugarcane juice or molasses as the raw material in our distillery located in Asmoli.

Our plant with a capacity of 312,500 liters per day on B-Heavy and 250,000 liters per day on C-Heavy adheres to the latest environmental standards and produces the following:

Fuel Ethanol (Anhydrous Alcohol)

We produce Fuel Ethanol as per BIS specification (IS 15464:2004). Fuel Ethanol is used by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) for blending with motor spirit (Petrol). We are one of the largest suppliers of Fuel Ethanol to OMCs across India.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

DBO manufactures 99.9++% pure colorless and odorless liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice from our plant at Asmoli, Uttar Pradesh for the beverage industry and industrial use providing material to major players producing carbonated beverages. The Unit has also set up Liquid Carbon Dioxide storage facilities.

DBO provides cost-effective, reliable, customer-focused Liquid CO2 around the year. We also have an arrangement for a fleet of mobile delivery tankers across the country in order to meet customer requirements in the shortest possible time frame.