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About Us

As an agribusiness, our Company is interwoven with the rural economy and bio fuels, which gives us the opportunity to make an outsized impact on our environment.

Our Credo, “Sustainability and Balance”, underpins our strategy, operations and management philosophy, and will be the key driver of this journey.


  • Strong focus on preserving and nurturing our natural surroundings through environment-friendly operations.
  • Sustained investments in eco-friendly business segments, for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


  • Endeavors to find the right balance between growth, new initiatives and prudent financial discipline.
  • Balancing the aspirations and requirements of our large and diverse stakeholder base - farmers, suppliers, employees, lenders, shareholders and regulators, and the community at large.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is designed to build on our strengths while exploring new avenues for growth.

This strategy, summarised by “Innovation”, “Integration” and “Value Creation”, helps us create a flywheel for our business – allowing us to improve our production capabilities, diversify our product range, and achieve a higher margin through better price propositions and lower costs. We believe this will help us ensure sustainable success.


  • Building on our legacy to innovate and improve.
  • New products and strategies to improve business sustainability & balance.


  • Extracting the full potential of sugarcane by producing sugar, bio fuel, molasses and power from the crushed cane.
  • Ensuring backward and forward integration, backed by sustainable practices.

Value Addition

  • Going beyond our prime sugar & agri business to provide value-additions.
  • Forays into synergistic areas to increase margins.