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Shedding Light on Pharma Sugar

Shedding Light on Pharma Sugar

Pharma Grade Sugar or Sucrose IP is considered to have all the qualities of a high-quality pharmaceutical grade sugar that adheres to all the IP standards as well as European Union standards. Just contrary to other sugar variants available in the market, pharma sugar is not bleached through the use of sulphur oxide, and this is the reason it is well-known as the only sulphurless sugar available. 

Pharma Sugar or 'Sucrose IP manufactured through a ‘phospho flotation' process in conjunction with a double-stage ion exchange purification system while adhering to the strictest quality standards. Sugar is a natural product, and in most of its forms it is quite pure. The main use of sugar is to offer energy and sweetness, but at the same time, it has a large number of other functional properties also. It also can be used to serve a large number of purposes including freezing point reduction, preservation, enhancement in flavor, and providing something with body and texture. 

The manufacturing of pharma-grade sugar calls for the expertise and proven experience of the highest order on the manufacturers’ end. They need certain licenses and the proven ability to adhere to all the norms and standards set by the globally renowned medical bodies and the law of the land as well. They need to be certified and licensed for FSSAI, Drug License- IP & BP Food Safety Management System- FSSC 22000, and HALAL. Some of the top features of pharma sugar include the following: 

  • Rapid solubility
  • Accurately processed with extreme precision
  • Safe and sound for consumption by human beings 
  • Quality and reliability
  • Up to 20 ICUMSA
  • 100% Free from metallic, and extraneous matters.
  • Superior on taste
  • Free-flowing and directly compressible.
  • Uniform grain size, and
  • Available in a comprehensive range of micron/mash sizes.
  • The product can also be customized as per customer requirements.


Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the pharmaceutical industry, all types of sugar variants utilized in it are subject to rigorous inspection and testing. The European Council’s European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur. or EP) is the most recognized and respected legal and scientific benchmark against which all types of pharmaceutical products in hundreds of countries are measured. During the measuring process, it is made sure that all parameters and standards are duly met for the maintenance of the highest quality of medicines. 

The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) also runs parallel with the EP. Since 1864, The British Pharmacopoeia has been providing quality standards for a wide range of medicinal as well as pharmaceutical products manufactured, supplied, and consumed in the United Kingdom and more than 100 former commonwealth countries across the globe. All variants of sugars designated for consumption or use are given a British Pharmacopoeia Chemical Reference Substance (BPCRS). It is a document that outlines the exact chemical structure required to be fit for safe and sound use. 

Most pharmaceutical applications that used to call for conventional sugar variants are now turning to pharma grade sugar. This is the reason the demand for pharma sugar is reaching a new high with each passing day. Primarily, the use of pharma sugar is made by medicines manufacturers to counteract the unfavorable and displeasing taste of various active components or elements in some medicines, this type of sugar can also add viscosity to a certain product while acting as an effective and efficient diluent.

Apart from this, pharmaceutical grade sugar  also fulfills the instant need of energy, and is especially useful in medications related to cold and flu. It also helps very significantly to extend the shelf life of different medicinal products apart from improving the taste. Over the past decades, India has emerged as one of the key drivers behind the never-before spike in the demand for medicines that require pharma-grade sugar. A growing percentage of middle-class people with a good income has created an escalating demand for newer and better medical equipment and other medicinal solutions. 

As a result, drug manufacturers are forced to turn to reliable pharma sugar producers like DBO to meet their customers’ requirements. To keep pace with the ever-growing demands for high-quality pharmaceutical sugar, the manufacturers like DBO in India are diligently involved in bulk production. The offered sugar finds applications in the following pharmaceutical products:
Pharma Industry:

  • Pharmaceutical dry mixtures
  • Pills
  • Tablets
  • Syrups
  • Liquid Orals
  • Capsules
  • Sugar Globules
  • Dry Syrups
  • Nutraceutical.


Food Industry – Health Drinks and Instant mix drinks, Instant premixes, confectionery products, snacks. Premium sweets.

Service- Hotels, Hospitals, travel & tourisms

The offered range of pharma sugar might not be very tasty but their main plus points lie in their use in high-utility medicines not only in India but also across the globe. Apart from this, Indian pharmaceutical-grade sugar manufacturers have in place an ultra-sophisticated infrastructure to carry out the process of manufacturing. The products are rigorously inspected on a wide range of parameters, standards, and norms to maintain the overall quality, freshness, and utility before they are dispatched to customer ends. This type of sugar is available in a large number of variants and packaging formats as per the exacting requirements of the customers – which are obviously the top drug manufacturers. 

Pharma grade sugar  Packaging by DBOL:

50 kg HDPE bag with food-grade poly liner inside.

Available Particle Size:

  • 20 Mesh
  • 30 Mesh
  • 40 Mesh


The product can also be customized as per customer requirements.

Concluding Remarks 

Pharmaceutical grade sugar finds a large number of applications in pharmaceutical as well as medicinal products. DBO is one of the top companies in India manufacturing and supplying high-quality pharma sugar to almost all the leading drug manufacturers across the country and even overseas. The company since its inception has been committed to producing superior quality products to meet the specific needs of its customers. On the front of sustainability and social responsibility, the company has developed a formidable reputation over the years. With its world-class infrastructure and dedicated manpower, DBO continues its growth while exploring newer horizons to be a global leader within the industry.