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Top 5 Sugar Mills in India

Top 5 Sugar Mills in India

Sugar is amongst the major commodities produced around the world. Sugar is not only an essential consumer staple but also an indispensable part of daily dietary intake globally. India is amongst the largest countries that produce, export, and consume sugar across the world. India is the world's largest consumer and second-largest producer of sugar, making the industry critical to the global economy. One can also find world-class top sugar mills in India that have product quality that matches the internationally accepted standards. Let’s have a look at the sugar companies in India and try to know how Dhampur Bio Organics stands ahead of the rest.

The best sugar mills in India


The maximum number of sugarcane is produced in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, Bihar, Haryana, Goa, and Punjab. However, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka are the three prominent states with the highest gross product as sugar. 


Why Dhampur Bio Organics?


It is a normal question that arises here how Dhampur Bio Organics is leading the list of sugar mills in India. This is because of a variety of reasons. Some of them are listed below.

First brand for sugar in India

Dhampur Bio Organics is believed to be amongst the first brands of sugar in India. We are the first sugar company in India to produce sulphurless refined sugar compliant with EU standards and also the first to export this sugar to the EU for direct consumption. Today, Dhampur Bio Organics is a leading sugar company that has the best sugar mills in India. The company operates through a network of 3 mills, in different locations of Uttar Pradesh. It is among the Sugar Factories that are the top exporters of sugar in India.

Unique product range

As one of the best Sugar Factories in India, Dhampur Bio Organics has a wide range of sugar and sugar products available in the market. This includes white sugar, brown sugar, sulphurless sugar, etc. Along with a varied variety of sugar, we are also known for our product range that makes the most utilization of the by-products that are obtained in the manufacturing process.

Making the most of the raw material

We aren’t just another sugar company, we believe in utilizing the raw material to its full capacity. We use sugarcane molasses to form Ethanol which is offered as two products, ENA and Biofuel. Bagasse another by-product of the sugar manufacturing process not only has its individual uses but also helps in our energy cogeneration. We also manufacture domestic spirits using ethanol. In the end, we manufacture organic fertilizer by composting press mud and blending potash-rich spent-wash ash.

A socially conscious sugar company

We are amongst the best sugar mills in India because of a reason. Along with delivering the best quality product, we are very much dedicated to working towards the betterment of our society. As a company, we are committed to corporate citizenship and societal well-being. Our goal will remain to improve the quality of life and well-being of our communities through the provision of avenues for improvement. Our mission is to balance economic gains with environmental concerns for all of our stakeholders, including farmers, employees, and partners that we work with. We promote education, sports, and basic healthcare in the rural community by establishing schools.


As a leading sugar company, our guiding principles at Dhampur Bio Organics are embodied in its Credo - Sustainability & Balance. Considering regulatory compliance as a core tenet of the company's business, the company goes above and beyond its duties. In order to create a product that can benefit the entire world, the company has always emphasized innovation. Being one of the best sugar companies in India, we offer a wide range of high-growth business verticals, including Renewable Energy, Domestic Spirits, ENA, Bagasse, and Organic fertilizers, in addition to Bio Fuels.